Entergy Texas is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations on the steps to take to help prevent the spread of the virus. Currently, Entergy Texas is continuing to provide energy efficiency program services while abiding by restrictions and recommendations set forth by the CDC and the state of Texas. If you have questions about the impacts of the pandemic on energy efficiency program services you have planned, please contact 281-297-2213.

Midstream Had a Brilliant Year

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The Commercial Midstream Program saw a 241 percent increase in average savings and incentives in 2017. Commercial customers were drawn to the program because it allows them to purchase qualified lighting products at a discount through participating distributors without filling out rebate paperwork. And distributors are able to increase the sales of efficient products. It’s a win-win.

2017 Midstream Highlights

Most Successful Distributors
  1. Grainger: $134,183 in incentives, 2,778,614 kWh and over $250,000 saved annually
  2. Batteries Plus Bulbs: $36,530 in incentives, 936,047 kWh and over $80,000 saved annually
  3. Rexel: $15,120 in incentives, 303,042 kWh saved annually
  4. Voss Lighting: $14,670 in incentives, 299,358 kWh saved annually
  5. Consolidated Electrical Distributors: $400 in incentives, 4,144 kWh saved annually
Most Successful Projects
  1. Sam Houston State University: Received 5,000 low-cost LEDs from Batteries Plus Bulbs
  2. La Torretta Resort: Received over 2,200 low-cost LEDs from Grainger
  3. The Woodlands Resort: Received 2,400 low-cost LEDs from Grainger
  4. Lodge Motel and Suites: Received 2,000 low-cost LEDs from Batteries Plus Bulbs
  5. Lone Star College: Received 1,400 LEDs at 40 percent off from Voss Lighting

To learn more about the Entergy Texas Commercial Solutions Program, contact CLEAResult at 855-884-5617 or entergytxclearesult.com.