Midstream Had a Brilliant Year

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The Commercial Midstream Program saw a 241 percent increase in average savings and incentives in 2017. Commercial customers were drawn to the program because it allows them to purchase qualified lighting products at a discount through participating distributors without filling out rebate paperwork. And distributors are able to increase the sales of efficient products. It’s a win-win.

2017 Midstream Highlights

Most Successful Distributors
  1. Grainger: $134,183 in incentives, 2,778,614 kWh and over $250,000 saved annually
  2. Batteries Plus Bulbs: $36,530 in incentives, 936,047 kWh and over $80,000 saved annually
  3. Rexel: $15,120 in incentives, 303,042 kWh saved annually
  4. Voss Lighting: $14,670 in incentives, 299,358 kWh saved annually
  5. Consolidated Electrical Distributors: $400 in incentives, 4,144 kWh saved annually
Most Successful Projects
  1. Sam Houston State University: Received 5,000 low-cost LEDs from Batteries Plus Bulbs
  2. La Torretta Resort: Received over 2,200 low-cost LEDs from Grainger
  3. The Woodlands Resort: Received 2,400 low-cost LEDs from Grainger
  4. Lodge Motel and Suites: Received 2,000 low-cost LEDs from Batteries Plus Bulbs
  5. Lone Star College: Received 1,400 LEDs at 40 percent off from Voss Lighting

To learn more about the Entergy Texas Commercial Solutions Program, contact CLEAResult at 855-884-5617 or entergytxclearesult.com.